Securing Executive Support for RIM

Several team members from Strait & Associates attended this year’s MER Conference in Chicago. Although attendance appeared down, the overwhelming response indicated the sessions were great. How to secure executive support and funding for records and information management (RIM) was a question that was heard several times throughout the sessions.

The need to secure executive commitment for RIM is nothing new. When it comes right down to it, executive leadership recognizes the importance of proper record keeping practices; the struggle is prioritizing budget to fund RIM programs.

Today’s executives continue to be focused on cost reductions, building operational dexterity by simplifying processes, managing complexity and creating nimble global enterprises. They are also dedicated to re-establishing customer relationships and honoring the customer above all else.

Achieving executive commitment and funds for RIM projects requires understanding your Company’s business objectives and aligning your RIM projects with those objectives. For example, if your executives are focused on cost reductions, determine how executing the RIM initiatives will help reduce costs. Accomplishing this is aided by documenting a solid RIM business case that highlights cost reductions such as:

  • Decreasing the amount of physical storage in outside warehouses;
  • Reducing the amount of time employees spend searching for information; or
  • Reducing the costs of discovery (such as e-Discovery vendor costs or legal review fees).

Securing and sustaining executive support for RIM requires ongoing alignment with business strategies and developing solid business cases that demonstrate that alignment. Learn what is on the minds of your executive team and define a RIM program that helps support their objectives.  Aligning a RIM program with the Company’s objectives helps in securing executive support for RIM.

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