Get CIP certified? You’re crazy! I’m too darn busy.

Think your IT Bachelor’s paired with an MBA make you immune to the “down-sized” dragon? Not so! Certifications are differentiators that demonstrate on-going knowledge in your field and commitment to lifelong learning through professional development. Organizations look to increase their competitive edge through the cultivation of the best team members. They demonstrate savvy in the current big data era and can push the envelope more than the others. Is that you and does anybody else recognize your potential?

There is a new credential developed by AIIM, Certified Information Professional (CIP), which may be the right fit for your career and organizational needs demonstrating a broad range of technical and business competencies including:
• Access and Use
• Capture and Manage
• Collaborate and Deliver
• Security and Preservation
• Architecture and Systems
• Plan and Implement

OK, you’ve read this far and are probably wondering If you have time to individually study for the exam, consume “ the elephant” of content at a boot camp or maybe, you just need a refresher in some areas…but which ones? Consider this solution. A professional look, feel, sound (and speed) of an eLearning course prepares you for the CIP exam. You can self-assess your strengths and identify areas for focused attention, learn at your own pace through 6 modules and use a practice exam to assess your progress.
Strait and Associates LLC announces a new eLearning course “Information Management Practices, Tools and Strategies” in Preparation for AIIM’s Certified Information Professional (CIP) exam. 7-8 estimated hours.

For more information about the course, go to
For information about the Certified Information Professional (CIP) exam developed by AIIM, the Global Community of Information Professionals, go to

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